Rice Sibari

The rice mill MAGISA S.r.l. is a young entrepreneurial reality of Calabria, with 300 hectares of rice fields and a mill used for processing.
Born in 2004, became active in 2006, with one goal:to grow rice and wanting at all costs to complete the supply chain cycle. .

The objective is very simple: enhance the organoleptic quality of the rice produced in the Plain of Sybaris, through a craftsmanship processing system in order to maintain those that are the traditions of the rice processing, but mainly, not altering the organoleptic substances and nutrition of the product..

Gran Riserva Rice


MAGISA - Rice Sibari - Italy
VILLAPIANA (CS) 87076 - Zona Industriale
Phone. 0981.56220 - Fax 0981.902208
P.I. and C.F. 02602800787