Who We Are

The rice mill MAGISA S.r.l. is a young entrepreneurial reality of Calabria, with 300 hectares of rice fields and a mill used for processing.
Born in 2004, became active in 2006, with one goal:to grow rice and wanting at all costs to complete the supply chain cycle. .
The objective is very simple: enhance the organoleptic qualities of rice In the Plain of Sybaris, recovering techniques that market needs are hastily set aside. The product is worked little at a time, hand, with a husking (removal of the husk) light, which provides a better nutritional intake and a more intense flavor. The rice is then different from the "industrial", with a higher yield and a better seal to the cooking. So we combine the value of tradition effectiveness of technology, using machines that allow you to select bean by bean, based on the color, the purity and size. In this way all the small impurities are removed in a natural way and the homogeneity of the batches is guaranteed. To maintain the characteristics of the rice to the table, the packaging always occurs vacuum.

The Territory

In Calabria rice cultivation in the plain of Sybaris covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 600 hectares and is increasing as the system of rice, in this area, fits perfectly with the balance of local soil. The quality of rice here and organoleptic quality stand out among all those grown in other parts of Italy because they enjoy the benefits of natural and climate of Calabria.

The Plant

And 'situated just a few kilometers from the heart of the paddy fields with a working surface of over 700 square meters which is done processing and packaging of rice derived exclusively from the Plain of Sybaris.
E 'consists of a building divided into two bodies: storage of paddy rice and by-products; the main system for the processing of the rice, storage white rice, packaging system, and deposit the finished products. Other storage of paddy takes place in silos with a capacity of 25.000 q.li galvanized metal. There are also 2 offices, the reception room for guests and students and dealing.


Rice Sibari - Italy

With this brand are manufactured and distributed rice varieties characteristics of Italian heritage, those typical of the Italian rice risotto that make them unique in the world Ganges, Thaibonnet, Carnaroli, Karnak, Arborio, Original.