Rice Flour

Rice flour is the product of rice milling.

The rice has a high content of starch (over 75%) and a low amount of proteins (6-7%), lipids (3% in the whole grain, even less in the white), minerals and vitamins. The vitamins B, the fiber and the mineral salts, are greatly reduced by the refining (processing) of the rice paddy. The rice has a high digestibility and among all cereals is the most complete food.
With the rice flour you can prepare any food, from soups to dumplings, from fresh pasta to desserts and even bread entirely made with rice flour (despite leavening is not possible). It is also useful as a thickener for creams, and béchamel sauces. It can also be used for frying fish and vegetables, using for making the batter or that of simple flouring. The fried foods remains light, dry and crisp as the rice flour absorbs little oil, thus making the dishes digestible and tasty.
Simply replace the wheat flour in recipes with the rice flour.

Being a gluten-free flour, it is recommended for those with celiac disease.

The Recipe

Rice pastry cookies


Butter 125 gr. ,
Sugar 140 gr. ,
Rise flour 250 gr.,
Eggs 2,
Vanilla stick 1


Mix softened butter with the sugar and the vanilla stick (extracting the inner seeds). Add the eggs and the rice flour and mix until you obtain a homogeneous dough. Rolli t in a ball and allow to rest in frige for 30 minutes. Remove from frige and roll out the dough to a sheet thick of about half centimeter. Cut out round cookie shape. Place them on a cookie baking sheet covered with wax paper and bake in oven at 150°C for about 15-20 minutes.

Receipe by
Chef Somelier
Antonio Raffaele