The cakes

It is often difficult to find foods that do not allow us to gain weight and even help us in a certain way to lose weight.
The rice cakes, is a food made from puffed rice and a bit of salt. The rice cakes are good for the diet because they have fewer calories per cake, hardly no fat and few grams of fiber.
They can be eaten as a snack in the afternoon or in the morning and are also excellent with some healthy toppings such as tuna in brine or sliced fresh tomato. In practice it can substitute bread, without risking to take on calories.


The Recipe


- for 4 people -


8 whole syruped apricots – 4 rice cakes and cereal – grape mustard – granulated sugar.


Place in a saucepan 4 spoonfuls of sugar, moistened with a few drops of water and allow it to caramelize. Arrange the rice cakes on a plate. Drizzle them with the caramel while still warm and fluid.
Drain the apricots, cut in half, then place them evenly on the cakes.
Garnish each apricot with one or two teaspoons of grape mustard. Ready to serve this simple and delicate desserts.