Gran Riserva Rice

The Carnaroli rice Grand Reserve of Sybaris is particular because: here the characteristics of the soil and microclimate are the most favorable to this type of cultivation.
The slimish and claylike soil retains the richness.
The rigorous selection of the seed ensures maximum varietal purity. The cultivation scrupulously follows the ancient agricultural techniques and respect for nature. The seeds are sown at low density to obtain a high quality product. For this particular reserve only the ears in the heart of the paddy are selected: it’s in the center, in fact, you feel a lower temperature range and the rice is not subject to temperature changes, maintaining its nutrition and flavor. Once picked, the rice is then worked with an ancient technique, stone husking. In this manner the grains are not stressed as when worked with metal, that tends to over heat and alter the structure.
Finally, the rice, as if it were a valuable wine, rests seasoning a year. This particular care is an absolute novelty for the rice: it eliminates completely the excess moisture in the grain after husking so rice starches are completely dry and then are gradually released during cooking and creaming: It is to them that you have that perfect creamy sauce that is one of the main characteristics of our beloved risotto. The end result of this long process is a full-bodied rice grain, with a sweet aftertaste, holding its cooking and that absorbs well the condiments. The result is an “extra quality” rice, almost flawless, “nature’s miracle”, “the best rice in the world”, as defined by experts for this inexplicable magic. A superior product that further enhances the elegant packaging.

Arborio rice is well known and appreciated for its characteristics. It’s large and pearled grains increase in volume during cooking. It has a high yield and a particular behavior in cooking: during the preparation, in fact, the grains cook perfectly and uniformly maintaining “al dente” the core rich in starch. It's’ perfect for risotto or any preparation of dry rice.

Carnaroli rice is rich in amylose, substance which helps to make consistent the grain. It possess excellent balance between good absorption capacity and little loss of starch which guarantees excellent sealing in cooking. It becomes an excellent rice, particularly appreciated by chefs and is suitable for risottos and fine dishes.

The Gange rice is suitable for preparing unique dishes of meat and fish, but can also be used as a side dish and in salads.

Its cooking time is about 15/17 minutes.




Nero is a whole grain rice of dark purple color almost black with a very particular taste and an aroma of freshly baked bread.
It’s color is a natural color because the pericarp, the outermost film, has an ebony color. Native to China, up until the nineteenth century it was cultivated only for the Emperor and his court.

It's name, dedicated to the Goddess of Love, derives from the fact that in ancient China it was considered highly aphrodisiac.