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ArborioIt 's the most famous and widely used for risotto.
It takes its name from the town of Vercelli where it originated
in 1946 by derivation from Vialone. Among the variety of Italian rices, it is the one which has the largest grains . and therefore necessary care in the cooking in order to assure an even cooking inside and out.



CarnaroliDue to its properties, it is now considered by chef
and fans of risotto the "king of rice". It remains “al dente” in the heart of the grain, but it’s starch content helps with the creaming.



IntegraleIt’s recognized as a nutritionally complete food
bringer of calories. The proteins in this quality of rice are, between cereals, the most digestible.



KarnakGrain rice, rich in amylose, substance that makes
makes the grain more consistent. Characteristics similar to the quality of the Carnaroli.


GANGE (Basmati Type)

GangeIt is among the most aromatic rices (basmati type).